Kath at Ecco Ripley, Ripley QLD


When Kath visited the Ecco Ripley display home during the estate's first birthday celebrations, she hadn't planned on finding her dream home. Kath was attracted to Ecco Ripley because of the environment and how the estate is designed to fit around the park.

"It's very much like drawing people together...encouraging me to go walking around the estate, and it's doing the same for others and that's our opportunity to say 'gday' to people as we walk by".

"I would definitely recommend Sekisui House to other people. I've been impressed by the philosophy of Sekisui House that goes beyond just building a house and goes beyond just developing a piece of land, but they are actually looking to build a community and change the culture of a community and I think particularly for the Ipswich area, that's a wonderful thing."

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