Victor at The Address, Wentworth Point NSW


Victor first heard about The Address in 2013 from a friend who had already purchased in Wentworth Point. He and is wife were looking for somewhere close to the water with enough space to walk their dog.

"The first time I came, I looked at the Waterfront Piazza and I thought it was an amazing community, with the waterfront, a tennis court and more. It had pretty much everything and I was very impressed," Victor explained.

Victor enjoys the convenience of the waterfront location and the parklands nearby. "It's very close to the footbridge. From my door to Rhodes train station, it only takes me 15 minutes walking and 20 minutes to Rhodes centre. The ferry stop, Olympic Park station, means I can take the ferry to the city, go to Circular Quay and go anywhere I want. You’ve got the train, you’ve got the ferry and you’ve got the bus. It’s fantastic".

Victor and his wife were after a very specific style of apartment. They wanted a ground level apartment along with a courtyard for the husky to play in, and they found the apartment that suited all their needs. They were particularly impressed with the layout of the apartment and very high quality of the internal finishes.

"As a developer, Sekisui House is exceptional. The best I have ever dealt with. Not only the quality of the building, but the location of the development, with its amenities and infrastructure," Victor says.

"It’s not just about the building, it’s about the environment and the infrastructure. That’s why I chose to live here."