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Our People

The Sekisui House team has an undeniable passion for being ‘better’ in every aspect of the industry. Those who work with us know that design and planning should be challenged and researched. That an environment and community surrounding a development should be treated with respect. And that the end goal of building a home isn’t just building profits.

Above and beyond

We’ve learned that to create the best homes, you need the best people.

Our team is made up of local interior designers, construction managers, engineers and architects who realise the intricacies of the environments they work in, and think outside the square by challenging norms and going one step above what’s expected.

Quality, not quantity

As one of Australia’s most innovative developer and homebuilder, we have state-of-the-art facilities at our disposal to ensure our frames and structures are manufactured with meticulous detail.

Our quality control processes start on the construction floor, and our communication with customers continues long after the home is built.

Made with love

Most importantly, a love of humanity underpins everything we do.

We realise the importance of building homes and developments that encourage community building and shared experiences. But ultimately, we never forget that people will be living, growing and creating memories in their homes – and they should be built with this in mind, every time.

Mitsuharu Yachi
Lead designer

Mitsuharu Yachi not only brings a wealth of industry experience and a degree in architecture from Kanazawa University to Sekisui House; he brings his enduring passion for exquisite and ingenious architecture.

Joining Sekisui House in 1996, Mitsuharu became a first-class registered architect within just three years, permitting him to take on the dual role of architect and building engineer.

In 2009, Mitsuharu was presented with the highly coveted title of Master Architect for Sekisui House. With over 5,000 expert architects working for Sekisui House, this accolade is only given to immensely talented architects who continuously provide an exceptional experience to customers when consulting, presenting, and balancing cost and design, as well as receiving a high customer satisfaction rating as shown in surveys.

Sekisui House Australia was honoured to welcome Mitsuharu in 2011, where he has been instrumental in designing homes that combine both Japanese and Australian cultures. Most recently, Mitsuharu developed the Arise Collection to specifically suit the modern Australian lifestyle, with cleverly entwined Japanese design features.



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