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At Sekisui House, we don’t just build homes. We build communities.

Every development starts with consulting our Urban Development Charter. This unique document is made up of 24 thoroughly researched principles, and is designed to help us to consider everything about the community we’re about to build in.

This includes several key considerations:


Our commitment to the environment is unflinching. For every development, we evaluate and consider existing ecosystems, and consider every potential environmental impact on the wider community.


Protecting the livelihood of the community is a key focus for every development we undertake. Our design and construction teams think carefully about whether the people living here will be safe, and what people of different ages and generations need.


Understanding that a home is an investment is a big part of the Sekisui House approach to building. It’s why we always consider and encourage the use of local materials for building. We also anticipate the changing needs of the area to ensure our homes maintain their value for years to come, allowing the community to build upon the value of the existing development.


We believe that strong community connections can create a happy living environment.

Before commencing any project, we ask: how can this community flourish? What do this group of people need for a safe and comfortable life? And how can this all be integrated with the local area and unique culture?

We also provide tangible support for local businesses by holding free community events on site, and regularly sponsoring local community festivals. We actively engage with residents on social platforms to foster ongoing relationships.


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