Sekisui House

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With a focus on delivering better building and living experiences, we create high quality residential properties that are ideal for residents - both now and into the future.

In doing so, we abide by rigorous quality control and precise construction methods from the very start of every project. Everything is considered, and nothing is left to chance.


To ensure consistency and quality is maintained across every project, our designers, engineers, and architects all work in-house. Add in a manufacturing facility in Sydney, and you have a home builder and developer that boasts both global expertise and an invaluable local touch.


However, our local expertise and build quality is just the beginning. Take a walk through any Sekisui House home, and you’ll see that it’s designed to suit families at any stage of life. Everything has been thought of. This includes the layout of the rooms – precisely planned to allow easy movement around the house – to smaller details like light switches, placed purposefully at a height where adults, children, and people in wheelchairs can reach them.

We also appreciate that home safety is more than just the locks on your doors. It’s why we design houses to minimise trip hazards and careless accidents that take place due to inefficient design of key traffic zones.


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