Steps to Home Building - Selecting Colours

Selecting your colours

Once you’ve signed your Home Building Agreement, it's time to choose the colours for your new home!
Your New Home Consultant will go through your HBA (Home Building Agreement) with you so that you have a thorough understanding of your plans and the details of your new home. When you're happy to proceed, you'll sign your HBA and pay the balance of 5% of your deposit, allowing us to lodge your plans with council to obtain authority to build your new home.

Your Customer Service Officer will be your main point of contact from this point forward. They will keep you informed of progress throughout the council approval process and construction.

 It is at this time that you will choose the colours for your new home! Your personal Colour Consultant will help you select colours for external items such as brick and roof colours, plus a host of internal features such as tiling, paint colours and cabinet finishes. If during your colour selection you choose any items outside of your standard specification, these costs will be presented to you as a post contract variation.

Legal and financial note: Signing the Home Building Agreement will allow us to proceed with the next stage of lodging your plans with council to obtain authority to build your new home. An authority must be signed to allow us to lodge your Development Application to Council. Evidence of ownership of land is necessary for the issuance of development approval. It is possible that the local council or building surveyor may request changes to your design or siting. Any extra cost arising from these changes will be your responsibility and we will raise a variation to the Home Building Agreement to cover them.

The following milestones will need to be achieved prior to construction commencing:
Colour Selection - choose the colours for your new home with the assistance of our experienced team
Council Approval - we will lodge your plans with our private certifiers to obtain council approval
Settlement of your land
Covenant Approval - you will need to submit plans to the developer of your land to obtain covenant approval
Finalisation of any post contract variations
Finance Approval - we will need you to receive a commencement letter from your financier
Any client responsibilities as outlined in your contract need to be fulfilled
Please note: no further design changes are permitted once your plans have been submitted to council.