Partnership Initiative Aims for a ‘Heart-Safe’ Community

26 February 2019

In partnership with the Michael Hughes Foundation, PAYCE has donated two defibrillators to two sponsored sporting clubs in the Melrose Park area as part of a long-term plan to make local communities ‘heart-safe’.

West Ryde Rovers and Ermington United are the recipients of the life-saving units and each club will receive assistance with installation and operation of the Heartsine 500 units from the Michael Hughes Foundation.

PAYCE Director, Dominic Sullivan said PAYCE welcomed the opportunity to participate in the Foundation’s rollout of defibrillators in the area and across the State, where more than 200 units are located in local communities and more than 1300 people have been trained in their operation.

“Defribillators increase the chance of survival from a cardiac arrest and for PAYCE, this initiative is the just the first step in making Melrose Park a ‘heart safe’ community,” he said.

Foundation Executive Director, Julie Hughes said awareness and education are key components to strengthening the Cardiac Chain of Survival and assisting community members to be more confident first responders in cardiac arrest events.

“Thanks to PAYCE we have been given the opportunity to engage with local groups in the Melrose Park area and offer information and training,” she said.

The Foundation was formed after the untimely death of Dundas resident, Michael Hughes aged 38, of sudden cardiac arrest.

Under the Foundation’s program, there are now nearly 50 defibrillators in Parramatta and surrounding suburbs.