Building vs buying

It’s surprising to know that many people think building their own home is out of their reach and that buying and renovating existing properties is an easier and more affordable option.

This is not usually the case! The fact is - building your own home is more affordable now than ever. When you build from scratch, you get the home you want, in the location you have chosen at the price you want to pay.
Brand new, effortlessly modern, practical, built for your specific needs - now and for the future. Building your own home ensures you get the home you want, in the location you want to live, and for the price you want to pay.

  • Choice

 When you build, you have the luxury of choosing the ideal size home for your family, the fixtures and fittings you desire, the colour scheme and materials that suit your style, and as an added bonus – you don’t have to change a thing once you move in! There are no worn out appliances or tired looking rooms; everything is how you want it to be.
You have the opportunity to choose a design that really suits how you want to live today, and make considerations as to how your lifestyle might change in the future.  An extra bedroom for a growing family, a multi-purpose living space to use as you please, an outdoor area for entertaining, or larger living areas for more family time - the possibilities are limitless.

  • Location

 Own your new home in the burgeoning community of your choice, close to the schools you like, public transport and convenient shopping centres. You get to choose the surroundings that appeal to you most, and you’ll often find a new home in a new suburb will be filled with like-minded people, with similar lifestyles.

  • Sustainability

 New homes lead the way in sustainability and reducing ongoing running costs. They tend to be more energy efficient than everyday established residences, thanks to better design. A lot of consideration goes into the positioning of your home within the surrounding environment, to capture natural light and ventilation, and a greater use of insulation ensures more efficient heating and cooling throughout. In addition, many materials used in new home construction are now made using recycled products, or manufactured using LEAN production methods.
 However, sustainability goes beyond environmental consideration when building a new home. It’s also about envisaging the long term usage of the home. The idea that homes grow with you as generations do, is the core concept behind flexible floor plans that are more responsive to changing needs, and if required, renovating is made easier down the track.

  • Value for money

 Building a new home is more affordable than you think! You can move in with nothing more to do and avoid the potentially high maintenance costs of an older home. Before you build, it’s a good idea to find out what grants might be available, such as the Great Start Grant or even stamp duty concessions. If you’re building as an investment, new homes tend to be quite an attractive option for tenants and depreciation allowances may apply. Talk to your finance professional to find out more.

 If building isn’t for you, there’s still the option to buy new, with our ready built, Fit&Finished homes. Whilst there’s less choice, you’ll still get many of the benefits of building a brand new home.

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"The biggest benefit of building our own home as opposed to buying an established house, was the ability to get what we really needed and wanted from a house. We had looked at buying established houses before, and none of them gave us exactly what we were after, so to build something that suited our family and the style of house that we wanted, there was no sort of real decision to be made. That’s what we wanted to do, and needed to do.” - Paul &Julie, QLD.

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