​How Sekisui House makes it easy to choose a new house design

by Sekisui House on 29 06 2016 in Tips & Advice

Choosing a new home can be an exciting, yet potentially daunting,  process. With so many options, it can be hard to know where to start. Fortunately, we have now made choosing your new home design even easier, with our stunning new collection of complete homes. 

Typically referred to as ‘spec homes’, these new complete homes come with all fittings and finishings - from floor coverings to air-conditioning.

In QLD, our brand new Fit&Finished spec homes provide a diverse and competitively priced turn-key offering to suit a broad spectrum of buyers.

Our innovative SHAWOOD spec homes are exclusively available in NSW - the only location outside of Japan where they can be purchased. Every SHAWOOD home combines the very best in organic design principles and pre-engineered precision, with a visionary level of quality and a deep respect for sustainability and functionality.

Why choose a spec home?

In designing our spec homes, we focus carefully on meeting the unique needs of everyday Australians, yet doing so in the most innovative, impressive and sustainable ways possible. Our new portfolio of spec home designs meets a range of needs and combines world-class design with all-important affordability.   
A few reasons to choose a Sekisui House spec home: 

Move in with nothing to do
With each new range, our architects, designers, engineers and building team have done all the hard work for you. Embodying the most sophisticated design and construction techniques, these homes allow you to move in with nothing left to do. We have put a great deal of time into choosing ideal allotments, and pairing them with light-filled, spacious and highly functional homes that simply don’t need revising. 

Range of homes to choose from
With Sekisui House spec homes, you can easily find an option that’s right for you - with peace of mind that it’s been flawlessly designed.  

Our Fit&Finished home range has designs ranging from sleek terraces and spacious duplexes, to large, four bedroom homes. It also includes several different lot sizes to suit varying needs.   

For SHAWOOD, there is a portfolio of over  20 distinctive home designs. These luxuriously appointed residences offer unique architectural features and comprise a selection of single and double storey designs, each demonstrating SHAWOOD’s intelligent and sophisticated approach to home building. 

Stunning design
A philosophy that honours nature, quality and longevity is at the core of Sekisui House’s Japanese design aesthetic. As such, all our spec homes boast high quality craftsmanship, intelligent use of materials, clever design details and flowing floor plans. They also embrace nature through easy access to private open space and adjacent landscapes. 

Our spec homes enhance the larger Australian housing model, providing ample storage and astutely planned spaces. Intelligent placement of windows and louvers captures prevailing breezes, makes the most of natural light, and encourages cross-ventilation. Elevated ceiling heights and performance glazing also provide airy, open interiors. 

Join a wonderful new community
Importantly, when you choose a new Sekisui House spec home, you’re also benefiting from a fantastic new lifestyle within a Sekisui House masterplanned estate.

In NSW, SHAWOOD is exclusively available at The Hermitage, in Gledswood Hills, in Sydney’s south west. Here, a great sense of order and place is achieved through the high standard of architecture and the beautiful streetscapes, designed to be in keeping with the rich natural surroundings. 35 hectares of native parkland interact together with a central green corridor that connects the northern and southern ends of the community, and runs through to the future bustling entertainment precinct of Gledswood Village, located at the heart of the estate. 120 hectares of golf course precincts also complement the beautiful undulating fields of The Hermitage.

In QLD, the new Fit&Finished range will first be made available at the masterplanned ECCO Ripley development in Ripley Valley. Here, residents will be spoilt with an abundance of open spaces, community parks, nature strips and green ribbons that encourage healthy lifestyles. Each home at ECCO Ripley will be connected to all the must-haves in modern living. Fibre optics cables will run to each property, along with natural gas lines. Bikeways and walking paths will link residents to the many green parks, communal spaces featuring Wi-Fi hotspots and the new Ripley Town Centre. A transit hub will also effortlessly connect the community to other city centres via proposed buses and trains.

Countless SHAWOOD innovations
Every Sekisui House spec home comes with a wide range of architectural and design innovations.
Based upon over 20 years of research and development, there are over 10,500 unique innovations in a SHAWOOD home - from the smallest design detail, through to major structural solutions. 

For instance, at the heart of every SHAWOOD home is a highly innovative structural laminated timber and metal joint system. This system allows for large uninterrupted spans that can create double height voids and generous spaces that make the homes lighter, brighter, and more liveable.

Pre-engineered precision
When you choose a Sekisui House spec home, you can rest assured that your new home has been meticulously designed to the highest level of detail.  

SHAWOOD structural components are manufactured at SHAWOOD’s Centre for Manufacturing and Quality Control located in South West Sydney. 

Every component of each laminated structural timber post and beam is tested and pre-engineered under strict, moisture controlled conditions to provide consistent structural performance with minimal shrinkage and expansion after installation. 

Structural timbers, laminated beams and posts developed by SHAWOOD are designed to lock together in a structure of extreme accuracy, rigidity and strength that makes them capable of spanning wide spaces to deliver impressive internal architectural features.

Leverage Sekiusi House’s proven expertise
When you choose a Sekisui House spec home, you benefit from the decades of building expertise that Sekisui House has fine-tuned over 55 years, delivering 2.2 million dwellings globally. Sekisui House has built more than 50,000 SHAWOOD homes since its launch in 1995. 

Find a home that’s right for you.