Community matters

When looking at the options that are available to move into a new home, something that you might consider is the kind of community where you would like to build or buy your dream house. During this process it's important to take into account existing community facilities and amenities as well as what has been planned for the future, ensuring the community can accommodate for your family as their needs change.

So what makes a better community?

A community is commonly defined as a location where a group of people live, but at Sekisui House we believe that communities should be designed to create an environment where people interact in shared spaces such as parks and town centres, where residents can watch their children grow and learn within an environment that grows with them.

Residential communities should facilitate the way residents want to live, allowing them to live happily and comfortably within their new home and community. To successfully achieve this, the planning stages are incredibly important, and the following four points should be considered:


Residential community developers should be committed to ensuring that their communities do not adversely affect the environment in which they build. They should consider existing ecosystems and the impacts that developing a community would have on the wider community and environment as a whole. Just as their new homes should offer options to incorporate alternative energy, and timber sourced from sustainable forests; they should design community roads, parklands and walkways to be incorporated into the environment a much as possible, integrating communities with the existing landscape.


Considering how your family likes to spend time together, the proximity of shops and sporting facilities should play a large role in choosing your new community, as well as proximity to public transport, good schools, childcare and parks. Protecting the livelihood of the community should be a key focus for every residential community development and during the planning process, the current and future needs of the residents who will be living in the new community should be considered, as well as what they will need access to and which precautions can be put in place to help them stay safe. As technology becomes more integral to our everyday lives, it's also important to consider the availability of new technologies within your new community. For instance, Ecco Ripley has free Wi-Fi hotspots throughout the estate. Although some community’s facilities have already been established, your developer may have plans for providing more leisure and community facilities in the future. 

Economic Management

Building a home is an investment into your family’s future. Homes should be designed and built with this in mind, ensuring that everything is done to anticipate the changing needs of communities to ensure homes maintain their value as community needs grow and change over time. Alongside this, proximity to schools, availability of public transport and freeway or main road access within developing communities can help ensure that your home will continue to suit your family as they move through different stages in their lives.

Sekisui House as an Australian home builder, we do what we can to ensure that a community becomes a bustling hub of activity, much like the Ripley Town Centre, where local businesses and the community grow and continue to establish over time, providing employment and shopping right in the heart of your new community.

Community Matters

For a successful and thriving community, a developer needs to not only consider how they can create infrastructure and facilitate growth for residents in their new house, but also provide support for communities and local businesses by hosting events locally and sponsoring sporting teams and local festivals. They also need to actively engage with residents and local businesses on social media, with the aim of fostering ongoing relationships with their communities.

Sekisui House is not just a house building company - we work to make Sekisui House communities a great place to live, from the planning and build stages to the ongoing maintenance of communities, we create great places for families to grow and live.

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