Completed new home vs Off the plan home and land package

Given that over 173,000 homes were built in Australia in 2019, new home buyers have more options than ever before. This is particularly true with so many new houses for sale in Sydney and Brisbane.
Australians have essentially three options when it comes to buying a new home:

1.    Split contract house and land packages: The home is pre planned on a block of land and is yet to commence construction. You generally have the option to tailor certain features such as colours and specifications.

2.    Spec homes: These are newly built homes that are either under construction or ready to move into.

3.    Custom contract home: You buy the land, or knock down your existing home and build a home completely customised to your needs and taste.

There are many benefits of the first two, if you don’t want to start from scratch:
Split contract House and land packages

Modifications in the split contract house and land market are generally limited to colour and specification selections. This can be handy for a purchaser who doesn’t necessarily want to think about complex design modifications but would still like the home to complement their tastes.
Clear prices
Prices for building are generally fixed, and you usually won’t find yourself in a situation where additional unexpected bills arise.
House and Land packages are pre planned to suit the block of land, offering a streamlined transactional process, guided by an experienced team of professionals who will be with you every step of the way, from initial purchase to handing over of the keys.
Stamp duty
You will only be required to pay stamp duty on the land component of the package, not the house. This means the money you save can be put towards other expenses such as furnishing your new home, or even upgrades to specifications and colours.
The turnkey solution – buying a spec home 
There are many benefits to buying a spec or ready-built home. The biggest being that you are buying a hassle-free ‘turnkey’ solution.
Best of both worlds
Sekisui House offers both house and land packages as well as spec homes in NSW and QLD. This gives buyers more flexibility and choice than ever before. One such unique offering is their SHAWOOD homes in NSW. These homes are currently offered in the form of spec and house and land packages across various Sydney locations. SHAWOOD spec homes are currently available for purchase at The Hermitage, Gledswood Hills, a unique masterplanned community in the growth corridor of southwest Sydney. The estate boasts over 150 hectares of green open space, including dedicated parklands and 27 holes of golf.
Likewise, it is possible to buy spec homes and house and land packages in Brisbane with Sekisui House. Spec homes in QLD are available in the master planned community Ecco Ripley. The estate offers not only some of the most stunning home designs in QLD but also a Coles supermarket, 20 speciality stores, medical centre, gym and community centre. Contract home options are also available on a purchaser’s own piece of land.
The dual offering of house and land packages and spec homes seems to be a trend that will only continue, with buyers enjoying the breadth of options.
Sekisui House has a broad offering of new homes for sale in both Brisbane and Sydney, and our team are always available for a chat.  See for yourself why there’s never been a better time to buy in NSW and QLD.

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