Decorating with colour

Add a POP of colour to your home! Personalising your home doesn’t necessarily mean you need to commit to a vibrant feature wall or patterned wall paper. Creating a colour theme to suit your own personal style is much easier and more affordable than you think!

With neutral walls and furniture on trend - it’s all about utilising a variety of furnishings and objects in a similar shade to create a flowing colour theme throughout your home. Once you’ve decided on your feature colour; cushions are a great starting point. You’ll find a range of textures and stylish patterns that you can easily combine to create a standout feature to brighten up any plain furniture.

Functional and decorative; vases can be placed in almost any room in the house. Try placing three or more together, with varying sizes, to create a feature piece on the dining table, bathroom vanity or kitchen bench.

 You can take your colour theme one step further in the kitchen by matching your mugs or plates to your colour of choice. Consider alternating between polka dots and stripes, or choose a geometric pattern for a contemporary look. If you’re likely to change your colour theme frequently; place mats are an inexpensive option to add a pop of colour to the dining area.

 A bedroom that makes use of a neutral palette can also be brought to life with a simple throw rug on the bottom of the bed, a colourful canvas painting or a textured rug.

 For more beautiful examples of how to embrace this colour pop trend – visit one of the Sekisui House display centres.

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