Housing designs in Australia

The best and latest new housing designs in Australia highlight the importance of bringing people together, and to accommodate the varied interests and needs of a growing family, and most importantly a home. The design stage is therefore of significant importance. There are a lot of things to consider and it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of choosing tiles and paint colours, but to successfully design a home that will fulfil your needs for years to come - consider these four things:

1. Think Generationally

We believe that the homes we build should last for generations to come as much as for today. When choosing a design, it is important to consider how your life might change – whether you’re planning a family or downsizing after moving family members out. 

The best foundation we can provide, is to ensure our house designs create homes, not just houses for our customers. By incorporating open plan living areas and creating a seamless flow throughout the home, our new house designs encourage shared spaces for families at all stages, without compromising independence or privacy. Multi-purpose living spaces anticipate a continuous evolution of lifestyle requirements. Many spaces, such as studies and extra living rooms can be easily converted to bedrooms and back again – creating flexibility.

We believe in Smart Universal Design. Safety and ease are the basis for our principals which aim to create designs that are safe, reassuring and easy to use by a wide range of occupants. Lifestyle behaviours of moving, working, and operating are considered in each design to create a comfortable living environment for all occupants. 

2. Floorplan

Think about the kind of lifestyle you have - do you entertain often or is most of your time spent in a particular room? Do you have a preference for shared spaces such as living rooms and bathrooms? Would a two storey house design suit you better than a single?

Building a new home is an opportunity to consider these kinds of questions and choose a floorplan that accommodates your current needs, as well as future needs should your family expand or circumstances change.

Dual living designs could also be an option for larger families, or duplexes which could allow you to live in one side, and to rent out the other.

3. Timeless Style

There is always something to be said for style - trends come and go, but style is timeless. Your home should age well and be just as welcoming after many years. Practical and inviting with classic lines, our house designs - be it two storey or two bedroom - aim to create not just a house, but a home. To do this, we focus on bringing versatility and warmth to the heart of a home particularly utilising open flowing living spaces. Our facades have been designed to complement the floor plan design intent and create a timeless and welcoming presence.

Building a new home really gives you the opportunity to inject your own personal style. You can choose the ideal floor plan to fit your family, rather than fitting your family to the floor plan. You can select your preferred façade, and add the finishing touches with your choice of colour scheme and landscaping. Everything is brand sparkling new with the materials, fittings and fixtures are all selected for their lasting quality and enduring aesthetics.

4. Connecting To The Outdoors

Our new house designs place a large focus on bringing the outdoors in, creating inviting and light filled homes that are both energy efficient, inviting and healthy. This is particularly important with new house designs Australia, where the outdoors are as big a part of everyday life as the indoors!

The careful planning of window and door locations and open plan design allow light and air to flow through the home. Of great importance are the views to the outdoors and the way in which the house is able to respond to the surrounding environment through the internal arrangement.

Start your journey to building a new home and explore our home designs today, or call us on 13 74 22.

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