A humanistic approach

SHAWOOD's design philosophy places people firmly at its heart.

It comes from a belief that homes should intuitively and thoroughly provide complete peace of mind, that everything has been considered. A human-centric approach to design means our homes feel like they are crafted for you, because they are. How people live, their daily tasks and interactions forms the blueprint for our design philosophy - it's the little details that make SHAWOOD feel just right.

Our homes actively deliver a better outcome for your family and the environment through sustainable design features that support a happy, healthy lifestyle.

SHAWOOD homes introduce industry leading sustainability, first pioneered by Sekisui House. It’s a holistic approach that delivers environmental, social and economic benefits—so you know you’re making the right choice. The sustainable practices infused into SHAWOOD are good for the planet, as well as people’s health, happiness and wellbeing.

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