An enduring history.

SHAWOOD was established in Japan by Sekisui House in 1995 as a result of demand for a highly engineered housing construction system that displayed resistance and durability to the country’s extreme weather conditions, in particular earthquakes.

An aspiration to develop 'homes of the future', SHAWOOD continues to deliver technologies to support comfortable and harmonious lifestyles today.

SHAWOOD was brought to Australia by Sekisui House in 2012 as part of their ongoing commitment to create positive and sustainable communities for all Australians.

To date, over 85,000 SHAWOOD homes have been built globally.


SHAWOOD understands the desire for modern simplicity and clean lines, and draws on considered Japanese philosophies, married with a practical understanding of the Australian lifestyle.
Mitsuharu Yachi
Master Architect, Sekisui House
Naturally inspired

SHAWOOD’s lasting impressions

The craftsmanship of a SHAWOOD home can be felt in every join and every finishing touch. The care and attention invested into each home isn’t just about the precise and detailed construction – the quality of life that an owner experiences is just as important.

SHAWOOD’s Japanese heritage permeates the design principles and gives each dwelling an organic sense of consideration, space and intelligent function.

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