Halloween 2016 at The Hermitage

by Sekisui House on 01 11 2016 in The Hermitage

Cute little ghosts and ghouls alike turned up in their droves to enjoy a night of spooky shenanigans and activities, which included a ‘Haunted House’ experience, ‘Magnificent Magic’ show, and a trick or treat ‘Treasure Hunt’.
One enthusiastic family in attendance on the evening included the nine year old ghostly Tiana, 13 year old grim reaper Joshua Nocere, and their mother Lisa, who lives at The Hermitage, Gledswood Hills with her partner Shawn Ogden.

Talking about their evening of fun, Tiana commented, “The Haunted House where the guy scares you was my favourite, I love getting dressed up and celebrating and getting lots of candy!”.

Mum Lisa added, “It’s wonderful to see the community come out and join in for Halloween. (Community) is the reason we are here and it’s what The Hermitage, in Gledswood Hills is all about. You are not just buying a new home, it’s the sense of community that is important”.

Craig Barnes is the Estate Sales & Customer Relations Manager for Sekisui House, “The celebration of Halloween in Australia is certainly a growing trend and it was a pleasure to host this event for over 200 of our youngest Gledswood Hills residents. Sekisui House embraces a philosophy of building strong communities and bringing people together. Events such as Halloween at The Hermitage are a great way for residents to embrace their community, meet new people and relax with neighbours”.
This is part of The Hermitage’s community engagement programme and the customer relations team are currently busy planning more events leading into the New Year.

For further information on community activities at The Hermitage, visit the Sales and Information Centre located on the corner of Fairbank Drive and Camden Valley Way, Gledswood Hills in South West Sydney.

Watch the Halloween video here