GoGet delivers first Norwest community amenity to The Orchards

15 November 2018

Thanks to a new partnership with GoGet, neighbours of The Orchards in Norwest now have easy and reduced-cost access to GoGet’s onsite car sharing service.

GoGet has established an agreement The Orchards, Sekisui House to permanently base vehicles on-site.  The first two vehicles (an SUV and a van) have been delivered to the Sekisui House display suite car park off Fairway Drive and residents and neighbours of The Orchards are invited to register for a special introductory offer to use the new service.

GoGet and Sekisui House are extending one year's free membership on the GoOccasional plan to neighbours of The Orchards, saving $169 per membership.

 “Each GoGet shared car is the equivalent of removing up to 12 private cars from the road.  Thirty-four members share one car which saves emissions, traffic congestion and parking spaces.  It costs around $650 a month to own and run a private car, as compared to less than $200 a month for a shared GoGet car, so it also makes economic sense,” said Paul Wainwright, sales and marketing operations manager for the developer of The Orchards, Sekisui House Australia.

"This is an early opportunity for us to share amenities with our Norwest neighbours, ahead of the many benefits that will be delivered at The Orchards and available to residents of the local area," Paul said.

In establishing vehicles at The Orchards, GoGet has been keen to extend the offer that would normally be exclusive for residents, to neighbours to demonstrate the benefits of car sharing.

“Sekisui is doing something really bold by ensuring that the entire community benefits from the development.  We know from experience that opening up car share to neighbours of a development transforms the entire community, saving residents money, reducing congestion, increasing local commerce, and improving health,” said Christopher Vanneste, Head of Locations and Partnerships for GoGet.

“Sekisui House also recognises that the imminent arrival of the metro line means that community members will soon be able to reduce their reliance on the burden of vehicle ownership as long as they have access to a car share car when needed.”

Norwest residents can access the exclusive free membership offer by applying in-person at
The Orchards display suite, 30 Fairway Drive Norwest.

Once registered with GoGet, users are issued with a smart card that needs to be held against the reader on the windscreen to unlock the doors. All petrol, maintenance, parking, insurance and cleaning is included in the rental fee.