Construction Update on Laguna & Glade March 2024

15 March 2024

We're thrilled to update you on the ongoing development of Laguna and Glade, Stage 2 at Sanctuary Wentworth Point and share the construction progress and milestones achieved in the last following months.

Significant progress has been made in Laguna and Glade, with Laguna (Building N) reaching level 9 in it's structural construction phase. Concurrently, internal services rough-in and wall framing are underway on level 4.

Similarly, work on Glade (Building O) has reached level 4 for the structural slab, while preparations for services rough-in and framing commencement are underway on level 1.

Works have also commenced to the 'REVIVE' community amenity building, which will feature an indoor heated pool and double-level commercial sized gym overlooking the waterfront.

*Images shown above are of artist impression's and are subject to change.

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