SHAWOOD brings to Australia the very best in Japanese organic design principles and pre-engineered precision, for a visionary level of quality. 

First established in 1995, SHAWOOD have crafted more than 70,000 homes in Japan, all based around a common purpose of liveability and putting people at the centre of everything they do. These unique homes are now exclusively constructed at The Hermitage, Gledswood Hills Australia.

SHAWOOD benefits from decades of building expertise that its founding company Sekisui House have fined tuned over 60 years, delivering intuitively crafted homes that embrace a holistic approach to nature, sustainability and longevity, which in turn provides timeless quality.

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Total peace of mind

SHAWOOD understands that creating a home is much more than erecting walls and laying floors, which is why they promote the use of natural materials and pre-engineered technology to deliver people the very best day-to-day living experience.

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