SHAWOOD promises to elevate your expectations of home. In neighbourhoods that strengthen your connection to nature and houses that are intelligently designed, we create better places to live a life that is happy, healthy and fulfilled.

House type NE48. Norman Estates, Gledswood Hills.

Engineering beauty.

Homes of aspiration and ingenuity, every aspect of SHAWOOD represents decades of research into how families live. Beautifully designed and built, they unite the qualities your home needs to endure over generations.

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Where nature and invention meet.

Each home uses our innovative technology to amplify natural materials, imbuing ceramics with the ability to withstand extreme heat, and timbers with the loadbearing strength of steel.

SHAWOOD laminated timbers being assembled in our Australian factory.

At our Ingleburn factory, SHAWOOD beams are imported from Scandinavia, and made to measure – precisely – for each unique home design.

Our patented metal joint system brings everything together, ensuring homes are built within a millimetre of perfection.

SHAWOOD Manufacturing and Quality Control Centre.

We constantly explore new ways to create spaces that impress, increasing the light into your home, the span of a room, or the airy heights of a statement ceiling.

Exposed timber beam from double height void.

Each SHAWOOD is bespoke, adapting to your tastes while responding to its environment. Healthy and holistic, interiors are characterised by wood, stone and tile, reflecting the organic textures of gardens and green spaces they open out to.

The aesthetic of community.

SHAWOOD neighbourhoods balance ordered streets with natural beauty. Welcoming to one and all, our places are shaped by principles of longevity, sustainability and human connection, ensuring high standards of design and cohesion while cultivating heartfelt bonds of community.

— Norman Estates, Gledswood Hills NSW

Nurturing environments.

There’s a sense of wellbeing that only comes from being in nature. It’s why all SHAWOOD homes embrace the outdoors, and why our communities are woven through with trees, waterways and trails.

We preserve and plant at every opportunity, enhancing native ecosystems to create places for you to live in harmony with the world around you.


Appreciate over time.

SHAWOOD places grow more beautiful as they age. Our homes are built to last with a minimum of maintenance, settling quietly into their environments as the local landscape thrives and your family prospers.

Our customer service extends beyond sales. When you buy a SHAWOOD home, you’ll be kept up to date by a dedicated and responsive customer service representative; someone who knows your property, and who will answer your questions through handover.

Even after you move in, we’ll stay on hand to help, both with customer service queries and with our expert maintenance teams.