Completed new home vs Off the plan home and land package

07 June 2022

So, you’ve made the decision to build a new home. While this will be an exciting and rewarding journey, it could also be daunting when confronted with all the options available.

We’ve broken down the three main avenues that Australians have when it comes to buying or building a new home.

1. House and Land package

The home is pre-planned on a vacant land lot, generally within a new estate and is yet to commence construction. In most circumstances there are two purchase contracts; one for land and one for the construction of the house.

2. Spec or Ready-Built Homes

These are newly built homes with land in a single purchase contract. A Spec Home is either purchased off-the-plan, under construction, or ready to move into.

3. Custom Contract Home

These are homes that are completely customised and designed to your specific requirements. They are built on a vacant land lot, by way of knocking down an existing home or newly purchased from a land developer.

There are many benefits of the first two options, if you don’t want to start from scratch:


House and Land Packages


Modifications to House and Land Packages are generally limited to colour and specification selections. This can be handy for a purchaser who doesn’t necessarily want to think about complex design modifications but would still like the home to complement their tastes.

Clear prices:

Prices for buildings are generally fixed, and you usually won’t find yourself in a situation where additional unexpected bills arise.


House and Land packages are pre-planned to suit a particular vacant land lot, offering a streamlined transactional process. Generally there are two contracts that will be signed - one for the vacant land purchase and another for the construction on the building. Usually, a representative of the building company will manage most steps along the way, from initial purchase to handing over of the keys.

Stamp duty:

You will only be required to pay stamp duty on the vacant land lot contract of the package, not the house. This means the money you save can be put towards other expenses such as furnishing your new home, or even upgrades to specifications and colours. 


Spec or Ready-Built Homes

The turnkey solution – buying a Spec or Ready-built Home:

There are many benefits to buying a Spec or Ready-built Home. The biggest being that you are buying a hassle-free ‘turnkey’ solution. At Sekisui House, we offer Spec Homes in NSW in the form of our innovative SHAWOOD home range.

Move in with nothing to do:

With each new range, our architects, designers, engineers and building team have done all the hard work for you. Embodying the most sophisticated design and construction techniques, these homes allow you to move in with nothing left to do. We have put a great deal of time into choosing ideal allotments, and pairing them with light-filled, spacious and highly functional homes that simply don’t need revising. 

Range of homes to choose from:

A SHAWOOD spec home from Sekisui House will always provide a multitude of floorplans, façade variations, colour schemes and inclusion and specification options so you can easily find a combination that’s right for you - with peace of mind that it’s been flawlessly designed.

Stunning design:

A philosophy that honours nature, quality and longevity is at the core of Sekisui House’s Japanese design aesthetic. As such, all our spec homes boast high quality craftsmanship, intelligent use of materials, clever design details and flowing floor plans. 

They also embrace nature through easy access to private open space and adjacent landscapes.  SHAWOOD spec homes are designed to enhance the larger Australian housing model, providing ample storage and astutely planned spaces. Intelligent placement of windows captures prevailing breezes, makes the most of natural light, and encourages cross-ventilation. Elevated ceiling heights and performance glazing also provide airy, open interiors. 


Join a wonderful new community

Importantly, when you choose a new SHAWOOD spec home, you’re also benefiting from a fantastic new lifestyle within a Sekisui House masterplanned estate. 

SHAWOOD spec homes are currently under construction at Norman Estates in Gledswood Hills, NSW.

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