How SHAWOOD home designs help positively impact wellbeing

31 October 2023

Generally speaking, we’ll spend about half our lives at home – sleeping, eating, entertaining guests, learning new hobbies, and spending time with family.

So it stands to reason that we would want any place where we spend a significant amount of time to help us thrive.

SHAWOOD homes are intentionally constructed to boost wellbeing through thoughtful design and considered choices. Let’s take a look at some of the lasting lifestyle benefits of SHAWOOD homes.


Light and shade

Exposure to natural light has near-endless benefits for our health and wellbeing. Research conducted in 2021 by Melbourne’s Monash University found that time spent outdoors was associated with improved moods and more sound sleep.

At SHAWOOD, we understand that life is busy and we can’t always spend as much time in the g as we’d like.

That’s why our homes are designed to let the light in, so you can still reap all the wellbeing benefits of natural-light exposure.

Similarly, immersion in nature is an under-appreciated hack for boosting your wellbeing. In particular, studies have found that exposure to nature could improve our working memory and help us focus, as well as reducing feelings of stress.

Our Clearview design is beloved by homeowners in Japan and a soon to be completed feature of some homes at our Norman Estates development, thanks to its ability to bring the outside in.

“We seamlessly connect indoors and outdoors through design elements like alfresco areas says Sekisui House Australia’s Design Director Lester Chambers. “We also blend materials and elements from local surrounds into our home design.”

With integrated floor-to-ceiling windows, your family can feel immersed in nature from the comfort of home.


Indoor and outdoor connectivity is a key element of SHAWOOD homes


The right temperature

SHAWOOD homes were developed to withstand Japan’s most-extreme weather events, like earthquakes.

In Australia, our homes need to be able to withstand different challenges – like extreme fluctuations in weather – as does our wellbeing. Research shows, for example, that extreme heat can increase the likelihood of serious mental health concerns.

But, rather than rely on expensive air-conditioning systems, we use clever engineering and thoughtful design to promote airflow and cool SHAWOOD homes naturally.

“For example, in a bedroom, we'll put two windows in a bedroom in two different walls [for] cross-flow ventilation,” says Chambers.

“We source our doors from Japan, too. They’re very high on air leakage… So our houses are always going to be warmer in winter and a lot cooler in summer.”

Our exterior cladding system is unique to SHAWOOD, too.

“It gives us a thermal rating that’s far superior to that of your typical project builder,” Chambers adds.


Exclusive SHAWOOD front door and external Nichiha Fuse ceramic tiles


Clutter-free living

SHAWOOD was born in Japan, where sleek, minimalist design reigns supreme.

“Here in Australia, we love and respect the Japanese style, their form, their design” says Chambers.

“My role here is to take that style and make it suitable for the Australian market… So I work closely with the architects to say this is how Australia lives.”

Living in a clutter-free home has a range of wellbeing benefits, too. On top of reducing nasties like asthma- and allergy-causing dust, mould, and mildew, it can also help to alleviate anxiety.

Lester’s team also integrate calming and cohesive colour palettes that promote flow and comfort in every room.

When considering a home that will cater to your lifestyle, choosing a space that is designed to allow you to thrive is key to choosing a home that stands the test of time.