Manufacturing and Quality Control Centre

10 August 2020

The starting point for all SHAWOOD homes in Australia is Sekisui House’s own Manufacturing and Quality Control Centre located in Ingleburn, NSW.

The centre is responsible for manufacturing the engineered structural frames and trusses for SHAWOOD homes, and it’s also where other crucial specification components (such as those imported from Japan) are passed through for quality control prior to being delivered to the various construction sites.

Australia is currently the only location outside of Japan where a SHAWOOD home can be purchased. Much of the work involved in establishing SHAWOOD in Australia has gone into tailoring the processes for our conditions and building codes. The Manufacturing and Quality Control Centre is essential in ensuring that the integrity of a SHAWOOD home is maintained throughout the entire pre-engineering and construction process.

The structural timber used in a SHAWOOD home is sourced from sustainably managed forests in Northern Europe, and selected for their superior quality, uniformity and load bearing performance. Milled and glued under pressure into laminated posts and beams, structural timbers developed by SHAWOOD are inherently strong and capable of spanning wide spaces to deliver internal architectural features that only a SHAWOOD home can achieve.

Highly technical, computerised machinery at the facility is used to enable posts and beams to be fabricated precisely and to ensure that the proprietary metal fittings that secure the joints are attached to the exact millimetre. The precision of SHAWOOD has a profound effect at construction stage, delivering a substantial improvement in quality and reliability and significantly reducing workload, build time, waste and errors on site.

Watch the video:

This video production offers a sophisticated and “real” insight into the way the facility engineers and manufactures our unique SHAWOOD proprietary ‘metal joint’ construction system, with its laminated post and beam components. We’ve attempted to bring to life the essence of our SHAWOOD structural core, delivering precision, accuracy and quality via our unique proprietary “metal joint” system.