Why your home’s exterior is just as important as the interior

03 April 2024

There's a familiar saying: "it's what's inside that counts." Yet, in the world of home design, the exterior holds equal weight.

It's not just the first thing that greets visitors but also your frontline defense against the elements. SHAWOOD homes are built with this balance in mind, ensuring they stand strong against the elements while maintaining a timeless beauty.


Thinking outside the box

At SHAWOOD, we push the boundaries of conventional home design and feature some of the most advanced exteriors available, thanks to extensive research and development at Sekisui House’s Comprehensive Research Institute in Kyoto.

Our proprietary and unique cladding system has become a benchmark for millions of homes worldwide, consisting of interlocking ceramic panels that are capable of withstanding temperatures up to 840 degrees Celsius. This high-performance solution not only combats moisture during heavy rain and flooding but also significantly contributes to the 100-year lifespan of our homes.

David Malvern, General Manager – Operations at Sekisui House Australia, highlights the uniqueness of this system, noting its minimal use of sealant and interlocking design that creates a waterproof and weatherproof barrier around the home.

This meticulous attention to detail in the exterior design significantly enhances the protection of our SHAWOOD timber frames against moisture, maintaining the internal environment’s comfort and durability.


SHAWOOD unique cladding system


Everyday defence

A standout feature of our homes is the nano-hydrophilic coating that effortlessly repels dust and grime. This advanced technology simplifies maintenance, as the exterior can be easily cleaned with just a splash of rain or a quick hose down, ensuring the home continues to look pristine and maintains its market value over time.

David Malvern emphasises the practical benefits of such innovations, pointing out that the durability and low maintenance nature of our exteriors mean they withstand daily wear and tear far better than traditional facades, reducing the visibility of scratches and other minor damages that can accumulate over time.


Lot 116, Norman Estates


Designed for the future

Our homes are inspired by the Japanese principle of keinen-bika, meaning they’re designed to grow more beautiful with time.

This philosophy is reflected in our choice of sleek designs and colour schemes that not only provide shelter but also enhance the overall look of the neighbourhood. The durability of our cladding panels, designed to endure harsh weather without fading or cracking, means less time spent on upkeep.

This durability ensures that SHAWOOD homes can be cherished by families for generations.


Drone Shot of Norman Estates