An engineered solution.

Our homes are engineered with the utmost precision, delivering enduring quality and reliability, ensuring longevity and optimal performance.

A proprietary ‘Metal Joint’ construction system uses laminated posts and beams to deliver superior strength, assembling accuracy and complete structural integrity.

All structural framing is fabricated in SHAWOOD's Manufacturing and Quality Control Centre here in Australia, optimising lead times and adhering to strict in-house quality measures. With production tolerances of only 0.5mm to 3mm on-site, this precision is reflected in the attention to detail that is seen in our homes, such as square set cornices, expansive void spaces and raked ceilings.

SHAWOOD homes are engineered for life. Intelligent ingenuity ensures your home is ready to perform, combining natural materials and pre-engineered technologies used to enhance day to day living. SHAWOOD is designed for the long-term and built to last.

Entry door
Imported entry door

A bespoke, Japanese-designed reduces energy consumption through increased air tightness and insulation.

Double height voids

Dramatic double height voids are possible due to the inherently strong SHAWOOD structure.

Square set ceilings

The precise construction system enables all homes to have sophisticated square set ceilings as a standard feature.

Low-E glass
Low-E glass

The outside is invited in – to just the right degree – with e-glass controlling solar heat transmission.

Natural details
Natural details

The architectural use of exposed timber beams adds an individualised character and references traditional building techniques.

Structural Sophistication

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