#10,500 unique innovations

SHAWOOD strives to provide a better long-term future by working at the forefront of new technologies, sustainable construction and housing development methods. This approach ensures the home’s longevity and provides a secure investment into the future.

A proprietary ‘Metal Joint’ construction system with its laminated post and beam components is at the core of a SHAWOOD home. All structural framing is pre-engineered in SHAWOOD’s very own Manufacturing & Quality Control Facility here in Australia, optimising lead times and adherence to strict in-house assurances. This distinctive offering brings precision to the Australian housing industry and delivers a substantial improvement in quality and reliability.

Over #10,500 unique innovations make up every SHAWOOD home. This includes physical and structural components, as well as intangible factors - like the way a home feels, or the way light creates a sense of well-being.

Imported entry door

This aesthetically pleasing imported Japanese entry door offers reduced energy consumption through increased air tightness and insulation

Double height voids

Double height voids are effortlessly created as a result of the inherently strong SHAWOOD structure

Intuitively crafted

A balance of form and function for ultimate liveability

Indoor-outdoor connectivity

Considered design allows for open transition between indoor and out

Natural details

The architectural use of exposed timber beams adds an individualised character and references traditional building techniques

Structural Sophistication

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