A place for all – Sanctuary masterplan on public exhibition

07 June 2021

Sanctuary, which revitalises the land located at the end of Hill Rd (old Boral factory land near the ferry terminal), has been optimised to deliver greater benefits to both residents and the wider community.

This unique development puts family, community and the environment at the heart of its experience. The new masterplan generates coexistence and co-prosperity by increasing the amount of public open space, creating an activated foreshore area for the whole community.

We have developed a vision, in close collaboration with the local community, that will enhance the Wentworth Point region now and for generations to come.

With social engagement and community inclusion at the core, Sanctuary will provide an abundance of green, open spaces and outdoor activations including a foreshore park featuring BBQ areas and children’s playgrounds. Further additions, including native planting and specialty retail, will ensure that Sanctuary positively impacts the lives of both residents and locals.

Taking inspiration from the area’s rich natural environment, Sanctuary’s place vision and design principles focus on crafting an authentic identity, experience and culture that is ‘One with Nature’.

Sanctuary aims to reconnect people, place and nature. The masterplan will deliver an elevated waterfront lifestyle that celebrates life lived in harmony with nature, with the benefits experienced by both residents and the wider neighbourhood. To achieve this, Sekisui House’s four key design principles have formed the foundation of the masterplan’s entire place identity. These principles revolve around a deep respect for the symbiotic relationship between people and the environment, both natural and built.

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