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For over 60 years, Sekisui House has been considered one of the world’s most respected home builders and diversified developers.

Building on its commitment to creating homes and communities that improve with time and last for generations, Sekisui House established SHAWOOD in 1995 in response to the demand for highly engineered homes that could deliver a new level of comfort and liveability. With an aspiration to develop ‘homes of the future’, SHAWOOD continues to deliver technologies to support comfortable and harmonious lifestyles today. 

SHAWOOD was brought to Australia by Sekisui House in 2012 as part of their ongoing commitment to creating positive and sustainable communities for all Australians. To date, over 85,000 SHAWOOD homes have been built globally.

Comprehensive Housing R&D Institute opens.

Sekisui House’s dedicated research and development facility in Kyoto, Japan, focuses on delivering advanced technologies, design innovation and lifestyle solutions.

SHAWOOD established in Japan.

The first SHAWOOD home was constructed in Japan in 1995 due to demand for a highly engineered housing construction system that displayed resistance and durability to the country’s extreme weather conditions, particularly earthquakes.

Manufacturing & Quality Control Centre opens.

Located in Ingleburn, NSW, Australia, our Manufacturing & Quality Control Centre is a highly sophisticated facility delivering and manufacturing engineered structural frames and trusses for our SHAWOOD homes. The centre is pivotal in ongoing Research & Development for our Australian housing business.

SHAWOOD launched in Australia.

Multiple flagship SHAWOOD residences were constructed at Coolum on the Queensland Sunshine Coast and Homeworld Gledswood Hills NSW, receiving numerous accolades for excellence in design and innovation and showcasing the structural sophistication and innovative construction methods unique to SHAWOOD.

SHAWOOD homes sold in NSW.

SHAWOOD launched its first completed homes at Gledswood Hills. These luxuriously appointed residences demonstrated SHAWOOD’s intelligent and sophisticated approach to home building. Demand was so overwhelming that all homes sold on the weekend of release.

SHAWOOD - a complete designer home.

The portfolio of SHAWOOD Australia now comprises a stunning collection of award-winning designs, from boutique terraces to executive residences. Continuing its home design and innovation accomplishments, SHAWOOD will further elevate the standard of sustainability and lifestyle features of housing in Australia as it expands its portfolio into Sydney’s most sought-after locations.

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Naturally inspired.

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"SHAWOOD understands the desire for modern simplicity and clean lines, and draws on considered Japanese philosophies, married with a practical understanding of the Australian lifestyle"

Mitsuharu Yachi
Master Architect, Sekisui House