The one with all the detail.

SHAWOOD's home design philosophy places people firmly at its heart.

It comes from a belief that homes should intuitively and thoroughly provide complete peace of mind, that everything has been considered. A human-centric approach to design means our homes feel like they are crafted for you, because they are. How people live, their daily tasks and interactions forms the blueprint for our design philosophy - it's the little details that make SHAWOOD feel just right.

Flowing floorplans.

Designed to flow with the every day and be adaptable to the unexpected. Typical household trips – garage to the kitchen with groceries, laundry to the washing line, kitchen to the dining area – happen seamlessly through intelligent room placement.

Natural materials.

Tactile to the touch and warm and welcoming to the eye, natural materials throughout a SHAWOOD home invite interaction and appeals to the senses. Contemporary external materials allow shadows to play, changing the environment throughout the day, while exposed beams draw the eye to light-filled voids and feature ceilings.

Inside out.

With research showing a close relationship with how nature benefits our wellbeing, every home has been designed to transition seamlessly between indoor and outdoor environments.

Japanese design principles.

True to its origins, SHAWOOD homes are shaped by Japanese design principles that have been refined to suit the modern Australian lifestyle. A considered aesthetic celebrates simplicity, natural materials and quality craftsmanship, delivering a functional home that is also beautiful.

Flowing floorplans
Natural materials
Inside out
Design principles
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Our home design actively delivers a better outcome for your family and the environment through sustainable design features that support a happy, healthy lifestyle.

SHAWOOD house plans introduce industry leading sustainability, first pioneered by Sekisui House. It’s a holistic approach that delivers environmental, social and economic benefits—so you know you’re making the right choice. The sustainable practices infused into SHAWOOD are good for the planet, as well as people’s health, happiness and wellbeing.

Passive heating, cooling & lighting.

A SHAWOOD home inherently reduces the reliance on air-conditioning and artificial lighting through a focus on sustainable methods of temperature control and an intake of natural light.

Let there be light.

The effect of natural light on our health and happiness has been scientifically proven. The uninterrupted spans afforded by SHAWOOD’s unique timber post and beam structure are capable of creating double-height voids and generous spaces to optimise views and welcome natural light.

Breathe easy.

Only paints that are low in volatile organic compounds (low VOC) are used within SHAWOOD homes. This minimises the release of toxins into the internal atmosphere and provides better interior air quality for you and your loved ones.

Grow & flourish.

Indoor spaces flow to outdoor zones, offering opportunities to naturally ventilate the home, while strategic positioning of the homes ensures there is space for gardens to grow and flourish.

Heating & cooling
Let there be light
Breathe easy
Grow & flourish
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