Construction update - May 2019

01 May 2019

Works at Sanctuary have been progressing well, with our first phase Landing beginning to rise over the Wentworth Point landscape courtesy of Parkview. With early works completed, the ground floor slab is reaching across the site towards the final basement areas on the north.

Locals can see the new road networks taking shape and that will eventually lead residents to our community facilities within the heart of Sanctuary. 

The crane is now established on site meaning that Sanctuary can be clearly identified from Wentworth Point, even as far the Parramatta CBD.

Generous building offsets along Hill Road set the stage for the first of our large parkland areas being delivered in our masterplan project for the Wentworth Point Community. Sekisui House has delivered the Sanctuary Pop-Up Park for the community to experience a taste of the stunning landscape and parklands that Sanctuary will provide for the local residents and the wider community to come.

New residents that purchased within tower Building A can see their building core jump-form beginning to rise above the podium structure which will become the base of Buildings B,C and D. As the structural works continue to take shape it starts to give a greater sense of scale to our landmark development at Sanctuary.

Once the lush and abundant planting has grown over the podium and our spectacular waterfall begins to flow in all its splendour, Sanctuary will transform into a breathtaking gateway for the Wentworth Point peninsular.

Exciting times for the Wentworth Point Community and Sekisui House as we continue to create homes and communities that improve with time and last for generations.

Current photos of the construction on the site.