Construction update - Temporary bike path closure

01 November 2018

There will be a temporary closure starting on Monday 6 April that will last a few days, (pending on weather) to the foreshore bike path that runs along the boundary of the Sanctuary site.

Our aim is to rejuvenate the soil in this area by specifically removing the Swamp She Oak (Casuarina glauca) trees to prepare the land and soil for parkland that will be built as public open space for your use. These trees are a threat to the native species and communities such as Green and Golden Bell Frog habitat and Coastal Saltmarsh.

Once complete, grass and shrubs can grow without being smothered by the heavy accumulation of pine needles, and we prevent any flooding in the local area by making sure stormwater and drainage services will not be blocked by accumulated pine needles. Please also be assured that we will be preserving all the lovely trees along the river foreshore.

The cycleway has been redirected to prioritise the safety of pedestrians and contractors while the works are under way. The works are very brief - only a few days to complete - with the pathway to re-open shortly as per normal. In the meantime we invite you to take the beautiful Louis Sauvage Pathway to Newington Armoury/Sydney Olympic Park Ferry Terminal as an alternative.

We recognise that the Sanctuary foreshore walk has fostered an intimate connection with you. When we opened up the cycle path and pop-up park as a gesture of goodwill, we had community members such as yourselves in mind. We at Sekisui House champion your sense of belonging and encourage your desire to connect with nature. To that end we invite you to drop by our Sanctuary Display Suite opposite the Sydney Olympic Park ferry wharf to illustrate how we aim to provide the local community with even more public open space at Wentworth Point.

We hope that you will continue to support us by using our cycleway and pop-up park after we re-open as we strive to connect all visitors of Sanctuary with nature.