How Sanctuary’s vision ‘one with nature’ has been brought to life.

12 August 2020

Taking inspiration from the area’s vibrant surrounds of wetland, parkland and river, Sanctuary’s vision is to facilitate a life lived in harmony with the natural environment. As the masterplanned community’s development has progressed, so too has its commitment to this vision.

Stephen Moore, Director of placemaking consultancy RobertsDay, comments “I haven’t seen a relationship between living and nature as connected as this project.”

Sanctuary’s redesigned masterplan contains a number of improvements that further integrate nature into its everyday experience.

These improvements include a 50% increase in the amount of public open space - equal to over 6 football fields - which results in green open space making up more than 30% of Sanctuary’s entire site.

This open space includes enriched outdoor activations, such as an expansive foreshore park featuring BBQ areas and children's playgrounds. The foreshore park will be a place for everyone to enjoy, from Sanctuary’s residents to the wider Wentworth Point community.

Further additions, including native planting, dedicated walking & cycling tracks, and specialty retail, further deliver on Sanctuary’s vision to be One with Nature.

Sanctuary has also made a significant commitment to minimising its carbon footprint and implementing sustainable initiatives. Enhanced water usage efficiency has been achieved through the use of a dual water supply network, rainwater management and bioswales. Energy-use has been reduced through the introduction of Photovoltaic (solar) panels, lighting and HVAC systems, and natural ventilation optimisation.

With Sanctuary’s first residents moving in late 2020, the masterplanned community will continue to develop into an acclaimed waterfront destination that integrates nature into the everyday.