Bee Facts

Join Jack from Bee One Third as he teaches us all about the world of bees.


About Beehives


About Queen Bees


Native Bees

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Bee Craft

What better way to teach children about bees than through art!


Drawing Cute Bees

Learn how to draw cute little bees in a flower garden.

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Pretty Leaf Print Bee

Take a walk in your garden to find leaves to paint.

Bees & Your Garden

Learn how to attract bees and butterflies to your garden.


Bee attracting flowers & plants

Discover plant species that will attract bees and butterflies to your garden.


Co-planting bee attracting plants

Learn how to co-plant and create a luscious bee friendly pot arrangement for your home.


Australian Native plants to attract bees

How to pot and care for native Australian plant species that attract bees.

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Cooking with Honey

Honey is an amazing ingredient to add to any recipe. Presented by Village Kitchen, our celebrity chefs will serve up some amazing honey-inspired sweet and savoury recipes.

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Roasted Pork Fillet, Pear, Rocket and Pine Nut Salad with Honey and Balsamic Dressing

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Coconut Yoghurt Pannacotta, Honey and Almond Granola and Fresh Berries

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Chicken and Shiitake Mushroom Wontons with Honey, Soy and Pickled Ginger Dipping Sauce