Welcome to a lasting relationship.

Welcome to a lasting relationship.

At Sekisui House, we’ve always believed that a customer is part of our community for life. Whether you’re a previous customer of Sekisui House, or a new customer who has been introduced to us, we would like to extend our welcome by offering Sekisui House’s exclusive rewards. It’s our way of saying 'thank you'.


Gain rewards in two ways:

Purchase Reward: Making loyalty count

Receive a repeat purchase reward on your subsequent property with Sekisui House.

  • Earn a 1% rebate on the price of your second Sekisui House purchase and 1.5% on the third and subsequent purchases. Check your eligibility under the full terms and conditions.

Referral Reward: Earn rewards for yourself and your friend

Earn rewards for yourself and your friend.

  • When you recommend Sekisui House to a friend or family member, you will both receive a $1,000 gift card upon settlement of their property. To find out if you’re eligible, read full terms and conditions.




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