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About Sekisui House

We are an experienced specialist residential property builder and developer.

Founded in Japan in 1960, and having built over two million homes, Sekisui House is one of the fastest growing home builders and community developers in Australia. With over ten major developments completed or in the pipeline, and innovative and desirable home designs to build we believe in making tomorrow an even better place to live than today.                

Our Japanese origins explain our sharp eye for detail and our meticulous quality standards. This commitment to excellence spans everything we do, from integrating Smart Universal Design principles into our overall design philosophy, to our focus on building and developing whole communities – not just houses.

Our extraordinary ingenuity – which saw us introduce the world’s first Zero Emission House to Japan in 2008 – is combined with a dedication to provide outstanding customer service throughout the build process, and for a long while after a property is finished. We create smarter, sturdier and more dynamic houses, apartments, and communities. The following year, we launched sales of the ‘Green First’ eco-friendly homes, which achieve 50% less C02 emissions and pave the way for next generation energy needs. In 2007, we managed to achieve zero waste emissions across most of our operating businesses in Japan.

We’re here to build a better future

While we have plenty of global experience and knowledge, we also realise the huge value of having a team of locally-based designers, managers, engineers, and architects. From our state-of-the-art facility manufacturing frames and structures, through to construction and delivery of our properties, our local experts ensure our quality is consistent on a global scale.

Our unique approach to sustainability extends far beyond the environment, as we work towards improving the social, economic and residential value of homes and communities.

More than a home builder

Our expertise doesn’t end at design, delivery, or construction. We build everything from apartments and houses to entire master planned communities, incorporating infrastructure, roads and public spaces and amenities. It’s this all round capability that sets us apart in the sector, and allows us to guarantee the quality and timelessness of everything we put our name to. Under the principles of Smart Universal Design, we operate as a company that doesn’t just build homes, but creates all-encompassing living environments that last for generations.

As a global company, each one of our 21,000 employees is committed to making our customers happy. And we continue to look for new ways to provide comfort, safety and security – homes that don’t just benefit families and communities, but the environment itself.

Our vision in Australia

Though we have Japanese origins, we have a strong presence here in Australia. With over $2 billion already invested and more projects planned in Australia over the next 20 years, we’re here for the long haul. This means we’ll see our properties mature and change hands over time – realising an investment that’s now estimated to be worth $5.5 billion.

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