Our History

We learn from our past to move into the future.

Established in 1960, we are proud to be one of Japan’s most respected community developers and home builders. With over 2.6 million homes built, an array of awards for innovation, quality and sustainability, and a focus on improving our environment, we are committed to making a positive impact in the Australian market.

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Our company is founded in Japan.

Sekisui House was established during a period of rapid expansion and economic growth in postwar Japan. The company responded to the social problems of the time with solutions in prefabrication technology to mass produce homes that could withstand disasters such as fire and earthquakes.

This original pre-fabricated home (A-Type design) built by Sekisui House in 1963 was designated by Japan’s Agency of Cultural Affairs as a Tangible Cultural Property in 2016. The house has been lovingly maintained in its original specification for over 50 years and is of true historical significance, representing Japan’s post-war housing industry.

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We open our Comprehensive Housing Research and Development Institute in Kyoto.

The Comprehensive R&D Institute comprises of the Technology R&D Institute and Nattoku Kobo Studio (Home Amenities Experience Studio).

The Technology R&D Institute consists of more than 30 facilities that work to develop advanced technologies for present and future generations. It makes diverse feasibility studies to offer unique proposals to customers.

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We celebrate one million dwellings built across Japan.

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SHAWOOD is launched in Japan as a result of demand for highly engineered housing construction displaying resistance and durability to Japan's extreme weather conditions.

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We announce our Environmental Future Plan, an environmental charter aimed at achieving harmony between human beings, towns and the planet.

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We introduce our ‘Five Trees’ landscape design philosophy to promote conservation of biodiversity.

Since 2001, Sekisui House has promoted gardening and landscaping activities known as the Gohon no ki greenery project. This involves the proactive inclusion of indigenous species of plants that are able to provide support for local creatures in consideration of the ecosystem.

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All our six Centres for Manufacturing and Quality Control achieve zero emissions status in Japan.

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Declaration on Sustainability

We announce our Declaration on Sustainability outlining our commitment and investment into sustainability across the breadth of our operation.

We established our “Urban Development Charter”, defining 24 guidelines that assist us to evaluate our achievements in sustainable urban developments.

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The Japanese Minister of Environment awards Sekisui House for our contribution to reduce global warming.

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We achieve zero emission status for all our home reconstruction sites in Japan.

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We collaborate in the construction of the “Zero Emission House” for the G8 Summit.

We collaborated in the construction of the world’s first Zero Emission Home showcased at the G8 Summit in Hokkaido Toyako, Japan. We were also certified by the Japanese Environment Ministry as the housing and construction industry’s first “Eco-First Company” and we introduced our carbon neutral housing in Japan.

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Sekisui House expands into Australia and we acquire our first development sites in Australia.

In the same year, we launch our “Green First” Housing in Japan.

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On our 50 Year Anniversary, we celebrate two million dwellings built in Japan.

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We commence the visionary Central Park project in Sydney's Chippendale with our joint venture partner.

We also deliver the first stage of The Waterfront, our first masterplanned apartment community in Australia, at Wentworth Point NSW.

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We opened our flagship masterplanned community at Gledswood Hills, NSW.

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Over 10 million trees planted globally since 2001.

This is also the year we commenced development on Ecco Ripley, our first masterplanned community in QLD.

In Japan, we launched the “Green First Zero” housing model, an initiative promoting energy-neutral housing.

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We introduce a new range of SHAWOOD homes available for the first time at Gledswood Hills NSW.

The Arise house design collection is launched in Queensland Australia, featuring Sekisui House’s philosophy-led designs.

We launch our second apartment project in Sydney at The Address, Wentworth Point.

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We partner with international golfing legend Greg Norman to design and construct a premium signature golf course at Gledswood Hills.

By 2015, almost 71% of all new homes built in Japan are net-zero-energy homes (ZEH). Sekisui House Japan aims to increase this to 80% by 2020.

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Over 8,500 homes built for families around Australia.

We complete AUD $600million+ worth of new land acquisitions across NSW and QLD, stretching our pipeline of projects beyond the next ten years.

We commence construction on our first Brisbane apartment community, West Village in West End, Qld.

We attended the United Nations Climate Change Conference, the 22nd conference of the parties (COP22) as the sole presenter from a private sector company. We led the session on reducing carbon emissions in building and construction.

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We commence development on The Orchards, our first masterplanned community at Norwest in Sydney.

We complete The Address, our second apartment community in Wentworth Point, NSW.

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We open the first stage of Ripley Town Centre in QLD, the new commercial and retail hub for Ecco Ripley and the entire Ripley region.

We reach the milestone of delivering over 10,000 properties in Australia.

We launch Sanctuary, our third masterplan apartment community in Wentworth Point, comprising 2,000 premium waterfront units.

Sekisui House, Ltd. is awarded the Grand Prize at the 27th Annual Global Environment Awards for achievements in eco-friendly, anti-disaster “Smart Community” projects.

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We celebrate 10 years in Australia.

We completed construction of SHINKA House, Sekisui House’s first net-zero-energy home outside of Japan.

Sekisui House expand into the UK, committing to utilise our expertise in modular construction to build high quality homes and bring vitality to UK regions.

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We become the sole owner and developer of Melrose Park North Phase 1.

Ripley Town Centre in QLD achieves a 5-star Green Star Design and As-Built rating.

The first residents of Sanctuary, Wentworth Point move in at the end of 2020.

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