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At Sekisui House, we understand that trust in the partner you choose to work with to develop your dream home is paramount. That's why we're proud to share that we have been awarded a 4 Gold Star iCIRT rating – recognising our commitment to quality.



The Independent Construction Industry Rating Tool (iCIRT) is a game-changing star-rating system that assesses the credibility of building professionals. Backed by the NSW Government, iCIRT star ratings are compiled by Equifax, a global leader in data analytics and regulated ratings. This rigorous, independent tool evaluates thousands of data points to provide a comprehensive understanding of a developer or builder's capability, integrity, and reputation.



For you, our valued customer, Sekisui House's 4 Gold Star iCIRT rating assures peace of mind. It guarantees that we are not only equipped to deliver superior, quality homes but also do so with a transparent and ethical approach backed by the NSW Government. Our 4 Gold Star rating by iCIRT signifies that we have the capability, experience, and financial capacity to deliver high-quality builds you can trust. It’s more than a rating; it's a guarantee that your new home in our community will be a place where quality meets comfort and design meets durability.


The use of the iCIRT star rating is subject to Equifax's terms, exclusions and/or disclaimers which are available at Please scan the QR code for further information on this particular iCIRT star rating.


Sekisui House Australia’s 4 Gold Star rating is a testament to its reputation as one of Australia’s most experienced and trusted development professionals in the industry.

iCIRT evaluates building professionals using a comprehensive star-rating system, ranging from 1 to 5 stars. The rating is based on an extensive, independent analysis conducted by Equifax. This analysis encompasses a wide range of criteria, including a company's financial health, project history, compliance with industry standards, and overall business conduct.

iCIRT attributes a rating between one and five stars to development and construction professionals, recognising those with a proven track record. This rigorous, independent review process scrutinises a company’s data and the quality of its developments across six core categories including: character, capability, conduct, capacity, capital, counterparties.

Data is collected from thousands of sources, spanning these categories, to establish an iCIRT rating. This includes the developer’s credit rating, building performance, licence checks, trading partners, and industry awards. The more stars a professional receives, the greater the confidence purchasers and consumers can have in their ability to deliver high-quality, reliable apartments.

Alongside the star rating, a gold, silver, or bronze indicator shows the extent of information the professional has provided to Equifax. Limited consent is marked as 'Bronze', while 'Gold' indicates full consent.

The iCIRT star rating assessment is undertaken annually.

Sekisui House is proud to have achieved a 4 Gold Star iCIRT rating.

The iCIRT rating system is an assurance of Sekisui House's quality and trustworthiness. With our high iCIRT rating, you gain the transparency needed to see us as a dependable partner with a proven record of delivering top-quality buildings. This rating reinforces our dedication to excellence, giving you the confidence to make informed property investment decisions. It's a mark of our commitment not just to build houses, but to develop homes that stand the test of time, backed by an independent, evidence-based endorsement of our capabilities.

Our iCIRT rating reflects our ongoing commitment to excellence in property development and construction. It enhances our supply chain and helps maintain high standards. The rating is a critical tool for continuously strengthening our supply chain resilience. Insights from iCIRT enable us to collaborate with top-rated professionals, ensuring our high standards are consistently upheld. This rating is more than a number; it represents our dedication to quality, integrity, and innovation in every project.

iCIRT applies to a wide range of professionals in the construction industry, including home builders, property developers, architects, engineers, project managers, and consultants. The tool is designed to rate the trustworthiness of these professionals, providing a transparent and independent assessment of their capability to deliver high-quality construction projects. At Sekisui House, we're proud to be part of this rigorous and reputable rating system, ensuring we maintain the highest standards for our customers.



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