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From Japan to the World

Sekisui House has been one of Japan's most well-respected home building companies for over 60 years. Over those years we have provided more than 2.5 million homes to our customers in Japan and globally.

By leveraging our strengths cultivated in Japan, we are committed to building a future where people can live in safe, secure and comfortable homes in the countries we operate.

Combining the experience, strength and knowledge of our subsidiaries with trusted local partners we develop detached housing, multifamily apartments and master-planned communities across Japan, Singapore, China, Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom.



Since its foundation, Sekisui House has understood customer satisfaction to be the bedrock of its corporate activities as it strives for comfortable housing and ecologically sound communities. Building on its core business of constructing detached houses in Japan, Sekisui House has expanded its activities in a range of areas that provide the infrastructure for leading a good life.



Leveraging our proprietary production system and environmental technologies, Sekisui House is firmly established as a leading residential property developer and home builder in Australia. We take a comprehensive approach to sustainability focusing on four core values: social, environmental, economic, and residential and have garnered recognition for this through our projects such as Central Park and West Village.


United States

Sekisui House welcomed Woodside Homes in 2017 as we entered the U.S. homebuilding industry. With the addition of Holt Homes in 2021, we will leverage the experience to provide more value to our customers and continue to contribute to environmental and community improvements.



Sekisui House is committed to developing sustainable communities, such as One Holland Village in Singapore. We work with local partners to adapt the concept and design of housing and community development to local lifestyles, to deliver development projects with high added value.



In China, Sekisui House operates in Shenyang, Suzhou, Wuxi, and Taicang, focusing on townhouse projects that utilise the company's track record in environmentally friendly housing that creates world-class living environments under the Yuqin brand.


United Kingdom

In 2019, Sekisui House moved into the U.K. housing market in partnership with a local government agency, Homes England, and a real estate company, Urban Splash. Sekisui House will accelerate the supply of high-quality homes to meet market demands, leveraging technologies and knowledge from Japan through our proprietary production system.

G8 Summit Zero Emission House

At the G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit in 2008, Sekisui House collaborated in the design and construction of the world's first Zero Emission House.

Technology and Innovation

Sekisui House aims to provide quality living through the application of leading technology. Everything we learn in Japan is brought to Australia. And what we learn in Australia is communicated straight back to home base.

Green First ZERO Homes

As 2020, net zero-energy-homes comprise 91% of new detached homes we build in Japan.

Research & Development

Our R&D Institute in Kyoto is the first of its kind in the world, dedicated to the rigorous testing of the performance of homes.

Satoyama (Ribbons of Green)

One of the guiding principles at the heart of Sekisui House is the concept of 'Satoyama' - the idea that mutual benefits can be gained between humans and nature.

G8 Summit
Technology & Innovation
Green First ZERO Homes
Research & Development

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