The growing trend of seeking quality over price

12 May 2020

With the average property price in Sydney now at $1.1 million, it’s not surprising that most first home buyers have been conditioned to thinking that they should take what they can to get a foot on the property ladder.

In recent times, the mindset of this segment of the market seems to be trending towards quality over price, which has in part been driven by affordable mortgage options via record low interest rates, attractive government incentives and stabilised pricing.

Myth busting
We are here to tell you that it is now possible for first home buyers to buy a quality new home, and not just a home that they can afford. Quality built houses and quality built apartments are now completely within reach of first home buyers in both NSW and QLD.
Why the times are a changing
As it appears that rates will remain at record lows for some time to come, first home buyers are becoming more confident about their prospects of purchasing a new home. As such, they are able to be more discerning about the quality of their first home. Developers are starting to provide luxury homes and apartments that are well within the reach of first home buyers, diluting the compromise of having to choose between price and quality.
The price (and more) is right
One of the best examples of this is seen in SHAWOOD homes by Sekisui House. SHAWOOD provides a wide range of options when it comes to price and delivers the highest standard of home building quality. This means that first home buyers could purchase a home in a comfortable price bracket and it would have the same level of precision, sophistication, pre-engineered technology, and structural integrity as a SHAWOOD home that is more expensive.  
Having your cake and eating it
SHAWOOD brings to Australia the very best in Japanese organic design principles and pre-engineered precision, for a visionary level of quality. Previously, luxury houses and apartments would have been priced above the budget of most first home buyers. Sekisui House‘s revolutionary SHAWOOD homes provide a level of luxury for a broad range of new home buyers.
The icing on the cake
Not only does Sekisui House offer a quality housing solution to first home buyers, we also strive to provide a better long-term future by working at the forefront of new technologies, sustainable construction and housing development methods. This approach ensures the home’s longevity and provides a secure investment into the future.

A staggering 10,500 unique innovations make up every SHAWOOD home. This includes physical and structural components, as well as intangible factors - like the way a home feels, or the way light creates a sense of wellbeing.

We hope you can now see why luxury homes for first time buyers are a possibility. You can discover all the available SHAWOOD homes here.


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