Acclaimed West End artist teaches modern kids ancient art

29 January 2017

Internationally acclaimed ceramic artist Jane du Rand recently returned to West Village in Brisbane’s West End to engage local youngsters in the ancient art of mosaics as part of a community art project.

Mosaics are intricate masterpieces assembled from thousands of glass tiles or stones and were created by the Mesopotamians 5,000 years ago.
Jane conducted a series of ceramic and mosaic workshops for local tweens and teens in January, offering a rare opportunity to learn this exacting and intriguing art form from a true master of her craft.
This unique project, facilitated by Sekisui House Australia, continues Jane’s special connection with West Village. Her first studio after migrating from South Africa to Brisbane was located in the Peters Ice Cream Factory building, which will be restored as the focal point of the West Village project.
Jane worked from this space for two years, completing public art projects that are now installed in the US, Ireland, Holland, South Africa and around Australia.
As well as enjoying a new craft, workshop participants contributed to an enduring artwork that will be gifted to the community and displayed prominently within West Village.
Jane said her workshops aim to inspire participants between 10 and 18 years old to explore the notions of ‘home’ and what ‘being at home’ means to them.
“The workshops were based on the theme ‘looking through the window’,” Jane said. “Our budding artists decorated the inside of ceramic ‘windows’ using colourful glazes, mosaic tiles and hand-made ceramic pieces to illustrate their reflections.
“The finished windows were combined into a single metre-and-a-half tall artwork that represents the community of an apartment building.

“One can look through these windows and enjoy the wonderfully individual views of what their homes mean to them.”

West Village Sustainability and Engagement Manager Natasha Mulcahy said the workshops were the culmination of an idea that began years ago.
“We were thrilled to have the opportunity to finally work with Jane,” Natasha said. “Our new laneway off Boundary Street provides the perfect space for art creation and installation.

“Close to 500 children have already participated in our public art program, which will continue to evolve and grow as West Village takes shape.”
Learn more about the West Village development here.

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