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Membership and eligibility

Q: I have recently settled on my first property with Sekisui House and want to be a Sekisui House Rewards member. Do I need to register to be a member, or am I automatically registered?
If you haven’t already, you will need to create an online account and follow the Join Rewards link.

Rewards membership is subject to validation. You can check your eligibility in the terms and conditions.
Q: I have purchased a property in a participating development, but I do not have an Australian residential address. Can I claim referral and repeat purchase rewards?
It is not necessary to have an Australian residential address to be a Rewards member. Please note that rewards are paid in Australian dollars, and in the case of referral rewards, this will be paid as a Visa gift card sent with tracking to your nominated mailing address. Visa Gift Cards can be used anywhere in the world where Visa credit cards are accepted.
Q: Can I track the status of my referrals and repeat rewards?
Yes. Once you log in to your account on the Sekisui House website, you should be able to see a summary of all your reward applications in your account page.

Referral Rewards

Q: What if my friend doesn’t complete the sale?
If your friend doesn’t settle on their property, neither you nor your friend will receive the referral reward.
Q: I have recently contract exchanged on a Sekisui House property and would like to refer a friend. Can I gain a referral reward even though I haven’t reached settlement yet?
Yes, you can refer a friend to us if you have contract exchanged. The referral reward is paid when your friend (referred purchaser) completes settlement.

Repeat Rewards

Q: I am a Sekisui House Rewards member and would like to make my second purchase under my company name. Am I eligible to apply for a repeat reward?
Sekisui House Rewards is available for non-commercial purchases. Please contact us if you would like further clarification for your individual situation.
Q: Can I receive my repeat purchase reward as a price adjustment at settlement instead of a rebate after settlement?
Please speak to your sales consultant who can advise on special requests relating to repeat purchase rewards.
Q: I have already purchased more than two properties with Sekisui House before Rewards were introduced. Can I claim a repeat reward on those past purchases?
Rewards can only be earned on future purchases. However, past purchases are recognised in calculating your repeat reward percentage.

House and Land purchases

Q: I built a Sekisui House contract home on my own land. Am I eligible to join Sekisui House Rewards?
If you previously held a Build Contract with Sekisui House, anywhere in Australia, you may be eligible to join Sekisui House Rewards (subject to the Rewards Terms and Conditions).
Q: I purchased land at one of your projects and then built a Sekisui House home at that same address. Can I claim a repeat reward on the house?
For house and land contracts at the same address, these are counted as one eligible contract and you cannot gain a repeat reward for the build contract.