Heart Foundation recognises Ecco Ripley parks

04 September 2019

Award-winning Pebbles Park and Faye Carr Park in Ecco Ripley have been recognised for their public open-space design using evidence-based practice as part of the Heart Foundation’s Healthy Active by Design initiative.
Healthy Active by Design provides the best-available evidence, practical advice, checklists and case studies to help with the development of healthy neighbourhoods and communities that promote walking, cycling and an active public life.
Providing approximately 10 hectares of parklands and green, open space, Ecco Ripley’s parks encourage residents and visitors to be physically active, and to improve community cohesion and social wellbeing.
Ecco Ripley Development Manager Daniel Flanagan said Pebbles and Faye Carr Park include a variety of play elements that enable different play movement, as well as the development of sensory, physical and social skills.

“The Ecco Ripley parks have proved to be a popular destination for the local and wider community, with huge social value and engagement through play facilities and amenities for all ages,” Mr Flanagan said.
“Our $3.9 million investment in Pebbles and Faye Carr Park has seen an increase in community activity, with a range of sporting, exercise and fitness areas, and Ripley’s first off-leash dog park.

“Importantly, research shows residents with a larger neighbourhood park within 1,600 metres engage in 150 minutes more recreational activity per week than those with smaller parks1.

“We’re thrilled to be able to give our residents and visitors to Ecco Ripley the opportunity to improve their overall health and wellbeing.”  

Pebbles and Faye Carr Park, which were designed in partnership with town planners Saunders Havill Group, were assessed by the Heart Foundation on the principles of access, function and design, to ensure the recreational, physical and social needs of all members of the community were being met.

The Ecco Ripley parks join the likes of the Queensland Children’s Hospital, Roma Street Parkland Children’s Playground and the Brisbane Showgrounds for best-practice design as part of the Heart Foundation’s Healthy Active by Design initiative.
Both parks also received Gold Awards for Commercial Open Space at the recent Australian Institute of Landscape Designers and Managers Awards, with Faye Carr Park also winning Best in Category.
To see the full Healthy Active by Design Ecco Ripley case study, visit https://www.healthyactivebydesign.com.au/case-studies/ecco-ripley-pebbles-park-and-faye-carr-park


1Source: Giles-Corti B, et al. Increasing walking: How important is distance to, attractiveness, and size of public open space? American Journal of Preventive Medicine. 2005;28(2, Supplement 2):169-76.

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