Housing boom for Ripley, Queensland

28 August 2018

RIPLEY is in the midst of a decade-long population boom that will make it Queensland’s fastest growing region and will house almost half of Ipswich’s current population by 2036, according to new research from Urbis.

The Urbis report, commissioned by Sekisui House, reveals that the Ripley region is ramping up population growth at an average of 27.6 per cent per annum between 2016 and 2026.

With this growth comes significant job creation for the region, the report shows employment projections in Ripley through to 2041 to be 9.8 per cent, compared with 2.6 per cent across the Ipswich local government area.

As one of the region’s biggest investors, Sekisui House is one of the main drivers of this growth delivering on the $2 billion masterplan for Ripley Town Centre and the Ecco Ripley residential community.

Sekisui House Australia CEO and managing director Toru Abe said the Urbis research underscores the group’s commitment to the Ripley Town Centre masterplan.

“The population and employment forecasts confirm our faith in the future of the Ripley region and the broader Ipswich community,” Mr Abe said.

“We’re at the very beginning of an incredible growth phase and we’re excited to be playing a significant role in this transformation.”

Early indicators of the region’s growth are reflected in rising property values over recent years.

The Urbis report revealed that, at the end of December 2017, median prices for both house and land recorded peak levels across the catchment.

Within two days of discovering Ecco Ripley first home buyer Divy Arvind Shah had already finalised the transaction on their first home, and the family are just one example of home buyers who are here for the long run.

“The purchase of our first home was stress free, Ecco Ripley has so much to offer us from the parklands to the natural environment,” Mr Shah said

Mr Shah said he chose Ecco Ripley over surrounding estates due to its promising future. “The community is perfectly located, and with the Ripley Town Centre within walking distance it has so much growth potential.

“We are happy to own a home in a convenient and accessible location that provides so many lifestyle opportunities while also offering a secure, community-focused community.

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